Bridge Rialto, spanning Venice's Grand Canal, typifies the drive it takes to reach one's goals. Individual coaching can bring goals into focus and pave a path to achieve them.


“Thank you for your individual coaching [sessions]. You supported me in creating the space for us to see and to understand one another and to work through conflict, in an already very anxious system.”

— Rev. Laurie Manning

The goal of individual coaching is to meet you, the client, where you are and accompany you on the journey to where you want to go. Diane has been a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coaching Federation since 2019. She comes to this work with a belief that you, the client, already have the answers, and her job is to help you discover the best way forward to attain long-term goals through deep listening and the right questions.

We start the coaching relationship by co-creating an agreement about your long-term goal(s). Each individual coaching session will begin with, “Keeping in mind your long-term goal, what is a specific goal for our session today?” If your long-term goal has changed or you need to work on something else, no problem! Sometimes things change and because coaching sessions are your time to address what is most pressing, we will change and adapt as is most helpful for you. Enkei Resolutions offers you an opportunity to try it out at no cost to you. If you would like to learn more about individual coaching or have a particular issue that you would like to explore, please schedule a 30 minute free coaching call or contact us via e-mail.