The Tower Bridge was designed as part suspension bridge and part bascule bridge because it had to accommodate both river and road traffic. Unique situations call for tailored solutions for leadership challenges.

Tailored SolutionS

“Our Congregations Community of Practice effort in Florida brought together pastors and lay leaders from several churches for relationship building, review of current challenges, and a shared time of envisioning and developing new programming that might bear fruit in the local context.  The sharing of wisdom and experience in a wider gathering proved fruitful both for the successful new ideas that came forth and the learnings everyone gleaned by being in partnership with one another.  Offering this time together with a skilled facilitator on hand was key to the implementation of this program.”

Rev. John Vertigan

Meeting Leadership Challenges

Not all your obstacles fit neatly into “coaching” or “consulting” and that’s ok. Diane has 30 years of ministry experience, including executive leadership, so she has many tools to assist you with your current project, whether you are a church, a non-profit, or a for-profit organization. There is no cost for an initial consultation with Enkei Resolutions about the particular need or challenge you are seeking support to address. If you decide to move forward and contract with Enkei Resolutions, we will craft an agreement together about the scope of work and the outcome you are looking to realize. Count on our tailored solutions for your leadership challenges.

Examples of Tailored services Enkei Resolutions offerS:

  • Special project administration
  • Narrative budget and other stewardship support
  • Remote leadership functions for those “in between” times when you need stability and leadership to span a gap
  • Conversation Circles (These Circles are opportunities to gather for several facilitated conversations around a particular topic.) New Conversion Circle opportunities will be posted soon!

Church-specific skills include:

  • Ministerial search support
  • Stewardship campaign development or composition
  • Interim ministry consultation
  • Online Boundary Training for Authorized Ministers Learn more about this session to be held August 23 and 24, 9 a.m. to noon, each day (Pacific Daylight Time) OR September 20 and 21, 9 a.m. to noon, each day (Pacific Daylight Time) Register.
  • Communities of Practice Facilitation
    • For clergy (these are Zoom groups so they can be populated based on affinity or position and not limited to geography)
    • For lay leadership in congregations without pastoral leadership. Learn more.
    • For churches. Learn more.
    • For Euro Americans looking for a brave space to explore white privilege in their personal lives. Learn more.

Contact us, and together we’ll craft a tailored solution for your leadership challenges.