Building Bridges: Thoughts & Reflections

Majestic views, like those seen from the Peljesac Bridge in Croatia, bring on thoughts and reflections that can aid in overcoing obstacles.

Enkei Resolutions helps organizations and individuals build bridges to reach their goals. It is our hope that our periodic blog posts will offer thoughts and reflections that might help you reach beyond your own obstacles to see the vision for the future you desire.

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It gets no better than Diane. Yes, she is qualified. Yes, she engages in the ongoing extensive training required for such work. However, more importantly, she has a deep connection to spirit which allows her to operate differently than anyone else I’ve come across in the field. She is deliberate in her use of words, takes holy pauses to allow for necessary interruptions, and listens to what is said while also acknowledging what is not being said. Diane is both readily accessible and warmly approachable. She understands the complex emotions that come along with the situations where her services are needed. As a non-anxious presence she affirms her clients wherever they are and then works with them to create a plan for whatever may be needed – no matter how long the journey takes.

— Rev. Shernell J. Edney Stilley, Associate Conference Minister in the United Church of Christ

Every day we make assumptions. From the moment we awake each morning we are making assumptions about everything around us. We assume that our loved ones want to eat the …
In the work I do in the practice of coaching, wonder is so important to me. I see wonder as being what allows us to approach something with an open …