When I was young, my family spent two weeks each summer in Sarasota Florida. One of my favorite moments of those trips was when we approached the bridge that would take us to our destination. I don’t remember the name of the bridge. I only remember that it was the longest bridge I had ever crossed and that on the other side of it, we would find our beautiful vacation spot. It really was about both the journey and the destination.

The first month of building my own business has been filled with introspection and conversation. I left judicatory work at the end of December with a gut feeling that I was being called to provide resources and tools to conferences/regions, churches, and pastors. This grew out of an understanding that there were never enough hours in the day to offer the kinds of resources to our churches and pastors that I wanted to create. At the time, I wished I had someone I could call who would partner with me to provide these options.

I have spent a lot of time clarifying how to start and where I want to go. Conversations with colleagues have been a gift as I’ve clarified that providing resources, conversation spaces, and other workshops and trainings is where I want to focus my efforts.

Seven- or eight- year old me, ready to embark on the bridge that will take me to my favorite destination has re-appeared. Now, however, I am spanning a bridge that will help me reach my goal. Ironically, that is what I want to do for and with you—to help you span the obstacles that will allow you to meet your goals, fill a gap, or envision a future that may feel out of reach right now.

You will see a lot of bridges on this website. Each bridge is unique because your journey is unique. Some bridges are short just like some of the work you may want to partner with me on is short-term. Other bridges are long because addressing issues is not always easy and having a companion on the journey for the long-term is helpful. Some bridges are fancy and creative just like some solutions require more creativity than others, which are more straight-forward. I think you get the point. I want to hear from you as to what kind of bridge you need to span the obstacles that are before you. Then, we will work together to create a program that will meet your needs. I welcome a conversation about how to partner with you to find your vision for the future, your Enkei, to support you to get to where you want to go. Schedule a call at your convenience.

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